In early 2010 Gloucester Resources Ltd (GRL) changed ownership and a new management team was assembled. Since that time the management team has obtained a thorough understanding of the complex geological resource through sound exploration practices and investigations. Commencing in 2010, GRL has undertaken extensive background environmental studies for the Rocky Hill Coal Project, developed a mine design commissioned a range of studies to investigate the impacts of that design and recommend improvements.

The owners and management of GRL and the Rocky Hill Coal Project have extensive coal mining experience within Australia and internationally, both as developers and operators. They will bring this experience and proven track record to the Rocky Hill Coal Project to ensure its safe and responsible development.

The owners include:

  • LD Operations Pty. Limited
  • Creek Exploration Pty. Limited
  • The Ross Family Trust
  • AMCI C2 Gloucester Holdings B.V.
  • SSP Resources Gloucester Holdings B.V.

In December 2015, GRL reached an agreement with Yancoal Australia which has enabled it to amend the design of the Project to deliver improved environmental and social outcomes. All studies undertaken for the Project as exhibited in late 2013 have been updated and extended to reflect the changes to the Project arising from the agreement with Yancoal.