In late 2013 a detailed EIS was exhibited for the Project. Following an agreement with Yancoal Australia to enable coal from the Rocky Hill Coal Project to be processed and despatched from Yancoal’s neighbouring Stratford Mine, the 2013 EIS was amended to reflect these and other changes that resulted in improved outcomes for the Project and community. The EIS for the amended Rocky Hill Coal Project was submitted to the Department of  Planning and Environment in mid 2016.

For more information see Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Specialist Consultant Studies Compendium (SCSC) as the Stand-alone Summary.

The amended EIS for the Rocky Hill Coal Project was placed on public exhibition between 17 August 2016 and 14 October 2016, during which time, State Government authorities, Councils, community groups and members of the public had an opportunity to make submissions on the Project or seek clarification on any aspect of the proposal.

A response to the submissions received during the public exhibition phase was submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment.