Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) has today submitted its amended Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Rocky Hill Coal Project to the Department of Planning and Environment for its initial review.

GRL chief operating officer Brian Clifford said the submission of the EIS follows more than six months of extensive additional studies and consultation regarding the impacts of changes made to the project’s design.

The project will no longer have its own coal handling preparation plant, overland conveyor or rail siding. Instead, high quality coking coal will be trucked via a private haul road on private land to the neighbouring Yancoal Australia mining complex at Stratford. There will be no night time mining operations.

The NSW Government (Department of Planning and Environment) will review the documents before determining when and for how long the EIS will go on public exhibition.

After exhibition, the detailed assessment phase will occur with the ultimate decision to approve or reject the application being made by the Minister for Planning or the Planning Assessment Commission.

Mr Clifford said when the EIS is approved for exhibition GRL will open an information centre in Gloucester for local residents to be able to view the documents and other material and to ask questions.

“We want the Government and community to be able to make an informed decision about the amended project,” Mr Clifford said.

“We have made important changes to the project to reduce impacts while bringing much needed jobs for some 20 years and local community infrastructure to Gloucester,” he said.

More information will be available at once the timing for exhibition is announced.