GRL has announced that it will reduce the planned hours of operations for its proposed Rocky Hill Coal Project near Gloucester, including a commitment to no night-time activities.

Chief operating officer Brian Clifford said mining will only occur in daytime period (7am to 6pm) during the first three years of operation. Mining will occur during the daytime and evening periods (7am to 10pm) in subsequent years. Coal transportation to the Stratford Mining Complex via the sealed private haul road will be restricted to between 7am and 6pm for the life of the mine. There will be no mining on or coal transportation on Sundays or public holidays.

Previously, planned hours of operation were 7am to 10pm during year one of mining, extending at a reduced intensity from 10pm until 4am in subsequent years. Conveyor operations and coal despatch by rail could have occurred at any time, day or night.

Mr Clifford said the change to hours was made by GRL in response to community feedback received during consultation for the Project’s amended Environmental Impact Assessment which is currently in preparation.

He said all specialist studies reflecting this refinement will be completed by the end of May which will enable GRL to submit the amended EIS to the Department of Planning and Environment by the end of June 2016.

GRL announced a change in the Project design in December after reaching agreement with Yancoal Australia Limited for the processing and despatch of Rocky Hill coal from Yancoal’s Stratford Mining Complex.

“The removal of one open cut pit, the coal handling preparation plant, the overland  conveyor and train loading facility will reduce environmental and community impacts,” Mr Clifford said.

“The change in hours is another way we are responding to minimise community impacts,” he said.

“The Rocky Hill Project will bring jobs and investment to benefit Gloucester people in an environmentally responsible and community-focussed way.”