The Directors of Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) have donated $10,000 to Gloucester Hospital.

The donation was made with no strings attached and the hospital has issued a list of items purchased with the donation.

The Hospital’s Executive Officer, Peter Barber says the contribution was very much appreciated and has been used to target areas of immediate need.

Among the items purchased are 2 medication/procedural trolleys valued at nearly $4000 each.

A mobile finger oximeter probe and a glucometer unit were also added to the hospital’s inventory of equipment with the money left over used to purchase five flat screen televisions for use by recovering patients.

Mr Barber said the new equipment would be used every day to improve the experience of patients in their care.

GRL CEO, Grant Polwarth attended Gloucester Hospital today to hand over the new equipment.

He says this donation is over and above the community grants scheme announced earlier this year.

The grants program will be linked to production if the Rocky Hill Coal Project gains Government approval.


For further information please contact John Church- Churchcomm  49615677  0414 294944