Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) announced today its plans to voluntarily relinquish more than a third of its exploration licence area which currently bounds Gloucester.

The company says it wants to create a non-mining buffer around the existing township and protect the scenic attributes of the Gloucester Buckets ranges and associated flatlands and river systems.

CEO Grant Polwarth says the relinquishment proposal has been carefully considered and comes after detailed study and evaluation.

“GRL has looked at the social, environmental and geological considerations and believe this plan answers many of the local community’s concerns.”

The plan involves the release of 1966 hectares from the company’s current exploration licence. This represents 36 % of the current EL area.

The plan also protects the high value coking coal in the Gloucester basin identified by GRL during its exploration program of the past two years.

In February 2012, the company lodged an application for Director-General’s requirements for approval to establish a small, open-cut mine known as the Rocky Hill Coal Project, 3.5 to 7 kilometres from Gloucester.

A social impact assessment is currently underway with residents about to receive a survey to help gauge community perceptions of the project.

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For further information please contact John Church, Churchcomm 0249 615677 0414 294944