Project Overview

The Rocky Hill Coal Project is a comparatively small, modern open cut mining proposal that, if approved, will bring jobs and other economic benefits to the people of the Gloucester area.

The Project will involve mining of up to 2 Mtpa of Run-of-Mine (ROM) coal. The coal will be sized and rock removed on site before being transported by truck on a private haul road to the neighbouring Stratford Mine. There it will be processed (washed)  and then dispatched to the Port of Newcastle for export.

At its peak, the Project will employ some 110 people. The Project represents the future of mining as it will employ state of the art technology and be subject to the most rigorous environmental and social assessment, regulation, monitoring and scrutiny.

The Project has been amended from that described in the  EIS which was publicly exhibited in late 2013, principally to reflect the use of the Stratford Mine facilities.  The changes include:

  • no coal handling preparation plant
  • no overland conveyor
  • no balloon loop and train loading facility.

The management team will continue to work with the local community and organisations by providing accurate information about the Project and continuing to develop partnerships to enhance the community.

The Rocky Hill Coal Project has been specifically designed to reduce the impact of its activities. This is just one example of the best practice techniques that will be employed to minimise impacts on the community and the environment.

During operations, areas of disturbance will be progressively rehabilitated to create a final landform that is safe, stable and sympathetic to the existing landform and allow the speedy re-introduction of productive grazing and nature conservation land uses.

The Rocky Hill Coal Project is an investment in our state’s and community’s future prosperity.

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